2 Poor Google Adwords Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid

We are so busy that we always seek results from our marketing efforts. But when you are not using Google Adwords PPC or pay per click to attract more targeted traffic to your website, then this is where you are going wrong. More clicks leads to more leads for your business. The process can be quick when you steer clear from all the mistakes and understand how to set up high converting Google advertising Singapore. Here are the mistakes you should definitely avoid.

  • Not using the right keyword matches 
  • Broad match is when your ads will display when user searches for your given keywords. Your ads will show up no matter the order of the words are present in the search string. This also means that your ads show up no matter your user wants to do. Even if they don’t want to buy from you, they will mention the few words you are targeting and the ads will show up nonetheless. Never underestimate the power of a broad match keyword when making an ad.
  • Phrase match keyword is when your ad occurs when people search for your keywords in the exact order. For instance, if they search yoga classes, the results will be like best yoga classes, yoga classes near me etc.
  • Exact match keyword is when your ad appears when the user searches for your keywords verbatim. For instance, if they search best laptops, the results will display best laptops only. According to a study, these keywords better than broad and phrase match keyword counterparts.

  • Absence of ad extensions and poorly written ads

You could still ace at match type but not see the results. This is because you don’t have an optimized ad extension. In this way, both Adwords mistakes can be prevented. Google has made it easy for you to have a better ad copy and then adjust your settings to have the best ROI. With the help of ad extensions you can also use sitelinks, call and location extensions to improve your ad.

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