3 Ways to Integrate Social Media with Web Design like a Pro

Your site visitors are experiencing your brand online. Not many companies believe that their website is the nerve center of their online branding. As more consumers are using social media as a tool to access information about products and services, gathering feedback, expressing opinions, and looking for customer service, online branding is a very must for every company today. And these businesses have also integrated many social media platforms on their website. If you haven’t, you don’t have to ditch your website at all, you just need to embrace the concept of social media. Here are the 3 ways to use social media for your marketing by the means of web design.

  1. Let your customers know what social media platforms are you active on.

Ensure to make your visitors known on what social networks you are on and then showcase your products, services and relevant content on the same. You need to place social media icons in such an inevitable way that your visitors can see them and can redirect themselves to your social media profiles to interact with them. Always add ‘Follow’ icons in the header and footer sections of your website, on every webpage etc. Your social media profile now acts as a source of information for your visitors. Apart from the Follow button, also add Share and Like button on every blog post. Not to forget the Call to Action button as well. Moreover, design your social media icons in such a way that it aligns with the style and feel of your website.

  1. Integrate the social login feature to make connectivity and interaction easier

When you integrate social logins with your websites, you don’t have to build another separate login, and people can easily login into their website just by a click. This lets the website to establish an inner community and lets companies share their special content and connect with the users simultaneously. It also shortens the registration process for the visitors and increases the conversion rates as well.

  1. Your web design must be social media friendly

Companies should design websites in such a way that it complements the social media user experience. Static content is now replaced with dynamic content like social media feeds, blog feeds, news etc. Consequently, this let to homepage layouts. Integrating social media features on a website helps in controlling the presentation of your website on these social networks.

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