Team & Authors

Jonathon Hinton
Founder & Contributor for Business World

Jonathan is not only the founder of Nexy Media, but also the writer behind all our Trade and Business policy related stories. His flair for writing, editing, and managing our team has led Nexy Media to have a standing among the best news reporting blogs. Business trends, market fluctuations, and keeping track of the upturns and downturns of the economy are additionally taxed onto our able founder, who handles it with ease and elegance.

Gary Hall
Contributor- International News

The world is changing, and as the global landscape knits closer together,  Gary makes sure that the news of one corner reaches the other! He is an avid reader, traveler and appreciates intercontinental cultures as much as he values the crevices of the intricate expanse of the world we live in. Keep your eyes peeled for their section on international news to stay informed!

Carrie Smith
Contributor- Science & Environment

Carrie's interests lay in the innovation and discovery of new scientific material. Be it within the realm of the earth, or that of space, she can be found always busy in a journal or website with information on these topics. We can always trust her to lift up the team with her facts and titbits, which reflect in her well-researched articles.

Donna Deem
Contributor- Tech Space

Our column of tech space is managed by Donna. The Nexy Media team would be incomplete without her as she brings along with her the knowledge on technologies that gives her an edge, and an endeavor to seek out the latest on her subject of interest from across the globe – and this she  achieves without prejudice or playing favorites.