CEO of Samsung admits Galaxy Fold was pushed ‘before it was ready’

It was supposed that the Samsung Galaxy Fold change smart phone form aspects forever, but by now the revolution has to wait for some time. After many problems were revealed following the foremost batch of phones was sent to reviewers, Samsung was forced for delaying the April launch of a device with no firm release date in view.

CEO of Samsung DJ Koh in Seoul, South Korea spoke about the stoppages in a meeting with media. As per the reports, he said of the launch

“It was awkward. I pushed it through prior to was ready.” “I do confess I missed something on the foldable phone, but we are in the procedure of upturn. At present, over 2,000 devices are being tested right now in all features. We defined all the issues and some problems we did not even think about, but credit goes to our reviewers, group volume testing is continuing.”

Samsung’s head of global marketing strategy, Stephanie Choi, elaborated that one of the goals of the company is to push boundaries and that sometimes can lead to some mistakes. She said, referring to the issues with the Galaxy Fold that “We create what can’t be made, and do what cannot be done,” “This is unluckily part of this procedure”.

With AI, 5G, VR and AR our daily devices will be more interrelated than ever. Koh notes that ‘Flexible screen technology is very important for such a prospect to be realized, whether it comes on an item of clothes, or somewhat that can enfold around a wrist’ .

When Koh was asked about a release date he said that in due course give us more time. One more Samsung Executive recently noted that most of the display problems of Galaxy Fold have been ironed out, and the phone is ready to hit the market and we hope that it will arrive soon.

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