Claiming Trump Is Forcing Them to Commit ‘Widespread Violation’ of International Law, Asylum Officers Back Lawsuit Against President’s Policy

US asylum officers have filed a federal court brief to demand an end to the Trump administration’s stringent immigration policy, stating moral objections in violation of international law which they are forced to commit every day. Ordering the persons who exercise their right to seek asylum to return to their countries to wait for months and years on end to have their applications processed are fundamentally against moral fabrics of USA and the international community. This was stated by the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1924, a union representing the officers.

This amicus brief has been filed by the union to support the ACLY in challenging the immigration policy which is known as the MPP, or Migrant Protection Protocols. Since the enactment of this program in January, the Mexican government has said that 15,000 persons have been returned to Mexico to endure the processing time for their applications. Human rights activists have termed this a grave violation of human rights as these asylum seekers face the threats of violence in their homes.

The brief states that through this policy of forcing people to return to territory which has turned hostile to them and where they face persecution, traditionally safe USA has now begun to violate international and legal obligations. in early June, Trump had attempted to reach a deal with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrado of Mexico, where he strong armed the country to update its immigration laws in exchange for a cancellation of tariffs. Weeks later, a truck carrying Central American immigrants was fired on by police in Veracruz, killing a young girl.

When the enactment was in process, the administration claimed that if allowed to remain in the US while their applications were processed, these immigrants would disappear into the country. The union has noted that no security risk is posed by asylum seekers. The statistics released by the Justice Department has shown that 90% of those who immigrate to the USA in hopes of asylum, complete their legal obligations.

They union claims that the MPP is unnecessary and the system which was in place before was tried and tested. With additional pouring in of resources and efficiency optimization, asylum claims for legitimate cases and filtering of the fraudulent ones would become easier. The process is designed to ensure that these people are delivered to safety.

By failing to adhere to the UN protocol of 1967 which states that nations who sign it will not expel or return refugees in any capacity, the Trump administration is forcing its employees to break the rules of international law. The MPP is placing its employees in a large-scale violation of human rights and international treaties. This is not an action that these employees had agreed to undertake while pledging to become refugee officers for the US Government.

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