Dairy Queen Employee Fired After ‘Marijuana’ Cake Mix-Up Goes Viral

Earlier this week a Moana”/marijuana cake mix-up that went viral isn’t a matter of laughing anymore.

Kensli Taylor Davis shared a Facebook post on July 2, with an image of a 25th birthday cake which was ordered from a Georgia Dairy Queen by her mother. The green-and-white confection featured a stoned ‘My Little Pony’ and a marijuana leaf smoking a joint with bloodshot eyes.

Earlier this week, Davis told that, “My mom was telling them I love cartoons”. Because of this reason only I wanted ‘Moana,’ and I guess they place the pony on there as my ‘cartoon’. Her post rapidly went viral for the funny slip-up. “it was a truthful mistake” and “thought it was very funny,” Davis said. 

On Thursday, Cassandra Walker, the Dairy Queen worker who made the cannabis-themed ice cream cake told that she had been fired over the fault which wasn’t even her mistake.

According to her, who worked at the Dairy Queen for about a year, her executive was the one who didn’t hear the order properly and gave the agreement for the design.

When the error was pointed by the family, Walker said the store ask for forgiveness and offered to make a new cake. But the following publicity from the occurrence led the store to fire Walker on Monday. 

By Thursday afternoon, Walker said that another store manager (other than the one who approved the cake design) had called to offer to reinstate her. Walker declined but, because of how the store handled the happening, noting that she had always been a member of staff in good standing.

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