Elon Musk teases possible late July Starship presentation following engine test

On Sunday, Elon Musk answered a few questions from fans on Twitter and said that the presentation of Starship, a reusable rocket of the new generation of SpaceX and a key part of the company’s plan to reach Mars, may appear soon.

The SpaceX CEO also noted that the latest tests by the company of one of its Raptor rocket engines (officially the “SN6” test) were “generally successful” despite the interruption since the main purpose of the test was to test the external limits of the engine tolerances for ratios fuel mixture. 

The official presentation of SpaceX Starship is to take place “a few weeks after Hopper hangs,” according to Mask, which belongs to the StarHopper test (or “Hopper” for short) fast flights, which will not be fully launched but will instead use engines viability for eventual launch. StarHopper completed a tethered jump test in April, but the next step is to do it without reference, which is closer to reality than ever after the test solved a key problem with the Raptor engine vibration at a certain operating frequency last night.

After Hopper completes testing, SpaceX is expected to switch from using a reduced prototype, which is intended only for testing at low altitudes, to a full-scale assembly of a test rocket, but we will learn more about the company’s plans every time this official presentation of a starship really takes place.

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