Freak hailstorm in Mexico swamps streets, buries cars in up to 5 feet of ice

On Sunday, one of the largest cities of Mexico was transformed into a scene straight out of winter when a freak hailstorm dropped an overflow of ice that left cars buried and streets blocked.

Guadalajara, located in the north of Mexico City received heavy hailstorm after many days during which the temperature approached up to 90 degrees.

Enrique Alfaro, State Governor said on Twitter, “I have never seen such a view in Guadalajara”.

About five million residents across the city woke up Sunday morning for discovering mounds of ice up to 5 feet deep in places from the all night storm.

According to the report, approximately 200 homes and businesses damage from the hail. Some photos posted by police clearly showed that the vehicles that have been swept away and after that trapped in the icy overflow.

On Sunday afternoon, the Mexican army was out to help the city workers in clearing the streets but there are no reports of deaths or injuries.

Sometimes Guadalajara hit by harsh weather as it is 5,100 feet above sea level. Everyone said they had never witnessed such extreme hail in the city.

As per the National Weather Service, the hail forms when a water droplet is picked up by updrafts of hot air in a thunderstorm travels well over the freezing level and then freeze up.

National Weather Service states that as the frozen droplet starts to drop, carried by freezing downdrafts, it may melt as it moves into hot air toward the base of the thunderstorm.

The journey in the downdrafts and then updrafts of a thunderstorm will add one more layer of ice to the frozen droplet awaiting it lastly falls to the earth as a hailstorm. National Weather Service said, ‘The occurrence of large hail shows very strong updrafts and downdrafts in the thunderstorm.’

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