Hate listening to high-fidelity music? Here’s a Bluetooth cassette Walkman

The cassette tape has long been considered to be the lowest rung in formats of audio reception of pre-recorded music. The sound quality, additional sounds created by the cassette and clicking of the plastic grinding of gears is all that can be blamed for it. However, the latest gizmo to potentially hit the market is the Bluetooth connected cassette reader. The ‘Its OK’, is a Bluetooth cassette player which is styled to look like a Sony Walkman.

In 498 Hong Kong dollars, and $64 USD, this can be yours, and you can choose from one of three colours. These are Cloud, Sakura and Evening.

The ‘Its OK’ Bluetooth cassette player works like an old Walkman. The cassette needs to be popped into the holding space to listen to some music, or even recording on a blank cassette, which arrives with the package free of cost. This is done through an in-built microphone. Bluetooth 5.0 helps in searching for your headphones, or portable speakers, and can be clipped to the belt to flaunt the retro look.

Fortunately, a 3.5mm headphone jack is also available on the device so that in case a Bluetooth is not available to pair with, you can still make use of the device. The audio quality is better on the headphones, but the source of music will remain a cassette tape. The ‘It’s OK’ project is backed by 70 companies and has reached one-third of its goal – $12,848. Through their campaign, the project aims to meet production costs and begin manufacture.

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