How to Restore WordPress From A Backup in The Easiest Manner?

Keeping a backup of useful data is very important. When you are using WordPress, it may happen that something goes wrong. It may occur due to user error or due to plugin vulnerability. You do not know how to solve the problem then the easiest and the fastest way is to restore WordPress from a backup.

There are various resources available online which provide support to you when you create a website. Even the content related to WordPress restoration from a backup is also available online which guides you about various methods of restoring WordPress from a backup with the help of these methods. You can backup and restore quickly

How WordPress Backup Works? A standard backup consists of a web site’s files and MySQL database. But WordPress backups may differ on the basis of certain factors like what was used to make the backup.

WordPress Backup plugins – These backup plugins are user-friendly and provide interfaces for the users to make their backups and to protect the files. These Plugins do the backup of the entire site and only store the changes on your site after that.

One Click Restore Points with WordPress Posts – If there are WordPress backups with your hosting provider one click can restore your WordPress site. It is the easiest method and is like a snapshot of your website.

Restoring WordPress Database Backup with PHP MyAdmin – This helps in restoring manually. PhpMyAdmin is a free tool provided by the browser which handles the administration of MySQL. It is used to perform tasks like migrating important databases, managing relevant tables and executing SQL statements.

Restore WordPress Database backup with cPanel – If your hosting provider uses cPanel your WordPress database can be restored by following the appropriate steps.

Manually restoring WordPress Files from A Dashboard or By Using SFTP – Manual restoration of the WordPress files can be done by clicking on “ReinstallNow” button under the “Updates” option in the sidebar. Even by using a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) you can perform the same task if it is not possible to access the WordPress dashboard.


So, the process of restoring WordPress from a backup can be completed quickly with the help of above-mentioned methods. However, it is advisable to test your site before you restore it from a backup as this process involves many changes to the site.

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