How To Use Online Chatbot For Increasing Sales? Find Here!

Ecommerce is exploding, and businesses are operating a fiercely competitive zone. Companies are spending huge on marketing and customer care, and the use of chatbots for branding and improving sales is getting popular. A chatbot, in simple words, is a computer program that’s designed to offer responses, information and details to users, through audio, textual means. The first chatbots were script bots, which could only offer responses that have been predefined. With the use of AI and machine learning, chatbots have emerged as a true branding tool and a platform for enhancing consumer experience. Think of chatbots like Alexa and Siri as examples. In this post, we are discussing how you can use an online chatbot for enhancing sales.

Include coupons

People are constantly looking for ways for save money on ecommerce sites, and for them, nothing is more tempting than coupons and deals. Instead of relying on newsletters for promotions, include coupons and discount codes in the chatbot as baits. Believe it or not, the increase in sales is evident with this simple trick.

Add a welcome offer

Besides the deals you offer for regular consumers, consider adding a welcome offer for your new sign-ups. Many websites have discount deals that are available for new users, and this could be a nice way to ask people to sign up. For example, if a customer has responded to one message on the chatbot, and the next response could be ‘We have a special offer if you join our site now. Would you want to sign up?’.

Include surveys and quizzes

Getting consumers to compete a survey is often the toughest task. If you want people to engage with your brand and offer their feedback and inputs on selected matters in a personal way, you have to invest in chatbots. Chatbots create an environment for users that’s more private and doesn’t seem overtly promotional in the first place. Similarly, you can also add quizzes to chatbots and make the interactions more fun and engaging.

Be gracious with failures

Let’s face it – All the tricks we just mentioned may not work with everyone, and that’s completely okay. If all marketing gimmicks worked, chatbots would have replaced everything else. It is okay if a consumer doesn’t offer the feedback or response you want, but don’t give up. Get your bot to encourage interaction even then and get reviews. For instance, if a consumer doesn’t want to sign up, your chatbot can send a message like “Would you want me to remind you of our offers again?”.

Final word

There are some amazing chatbot builders out there that make it easy to design and develop a bot from scratch, and these platforms are extremely handy for most niches and businesses. When you want to create a chatbot online without the technical jargon, all you have to do is select an app and make the most of the features they offer. Make sure you have defined the scope of your chatbot in advance before selecting a platform.

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