Korg’s music-making Switch app provides Genesis and Taito game sounds

Korg surely thinks that a music creation app on a game console must have sound samples from consoles. The Gadget app has been updating for the Switch with both a Taito arcade synth (Ebina) and Sega Genesis-derived drum machine (Otorii). As their name implies, both are retro-looking and they each test their fair share of classic games.

The Genesis machine mainly includes snippets from well known games such as Space Harrier, Out Run and Golden Axe. Meanwhile, The Taito kit is more about deep cuts there are identifiable titles such as Darius, but you may not be as well-known with titles such as Metal Black and Kikikaikai. 


Moreover, one can get these both these components through Nintendo’s eShop which will start from 11th July. Till now it is not confirmed that how much they will cost. Unless the costing totally outlandish, although, it will likely to be a little price if you want to generate compositions like chiptune without resorting to exotic hardware.

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