Mario Maker 2 Is Hiding Two Secret New Power-Ups

Two out of the many course creation parts in Super Mario Maker 2 are not unlocked from the very beginning, and these seem to be the two to most likely be wanted!

One of the newest features in the game is the Story Mode which allows the gamer to play through over 100 levels designed exclusively by Nintendo. This is a stand-alone feature and does not affect the Course Maker level editing tool. Once the Princess Peach’s castle is repaired, two power up items are given to the user. One is the Superball Flower, which comes from the 1989 Game Boy game Super Mario Land. This can only be used in the Super Mario Bros. theme, and is found once a Fire Flower is dropped and clicked on to bring the submenu into view.

Once Mario is given the Superball Flower, his sprite colors change into shades of grey and the soundtrack and effects switch to a Mario Land theme. The Superball Flower shoots a bouncing ball which works well for fitting into small crevices to escape from the enemy.

Super Mario Land does not feature as a main theme or gameplay as an unlockable feature in this Nintendo wonder but is an unlockable feature. The second such feature which is available only in the Super Mario 3D World course style, and is known as the Super Hammer.

The Hammer turns Mario into a trusty Builder Mario that wields a hammer to swing blocks into smithereens in levels where, otherwise, these would be Hard Blocks. Both power up features make for unique course designs to be available. Story Mode itself is a pleasant surprise in the game which makes it a lot easier for the user to find the unlockable features. One only has to rebuild the castle of Princess Peach, and both the power ups are up for grabs!

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