North Korea appoints former ambassador as new point man in US negotiations: report

The denuclearization talks between the US and South Korea are on the cards according to a diplomatic source from South Korea, as a former ambassador has been appointed to head them. The source reported that the North Korean government officials have told their American counterpart on Sunday that Representative Kim Myong Gil, former ambassador to Vietnam will be joining Stephen Biegun from the US.

South Korean media houses have reported that Kim Myong Gil would replace Kim Hyok Chol, who headed the US-North Korea talks which failed to conclude at a deal between the nations.

On Sunday, President Trump and Kim Jong-Un agreed to speak on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. They decided that it was not going to be hurried on to make a deal so that the deal can be comprehensive and a “good” deal. He also said that Kim Jong Un was putting in place a person who was known and well liked by the US to head the negotiation. He did not name the person. Leaders of the two superpowers had previously met in February, but negotiations were suspended then.

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