North Korea floats idea of lifting weapons test moratorium

North Korea may be rethinking whether or not to abide by the moratorium which had been placed on its nuclear and missile testing, and other steps which were intended to improve its ties with the USA.

A statement from the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday seems to apply large amounts of pressure on the United States as the nations attempt to resume some form of nuclear diplomacy and maintain friendly terms. The statement states that the upcoming regular US and South Korea military drills, which are viewed as an invasion rehearsal, are perpetuating North Korea to rethink its commitment to the promises made to the US. According to the report, President Trump had vowed to suspend military drills with South Korea in his first and third meetings with the leader of North Korea – Kim Jong Un.

No legality binds North Korea from restarting their nuclear efforts and missile testing in opposition of the United States of America.

However, the beginning of these supposed tests may make the countries come head to head in a nuclear conflict the rest of the world and the populations of the countries will condemn.

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