Samsung Insider Delivers Galaxy Note 10 Bad News Blow

The most exciting phone smartphone of 2019 by Samsung is not Galaxy Note 10 and its already monopolising headlines, we now have one more reason why you must look elsewhere.

Giving this bittersweet information is the prolific Samsung insider Ice Universe. In the array of new tweets, it was revealed by the tipster that the Galaxy Note 10 will have the most excellent screen of any smartphone; but it doesn’t mean at all that you will get the screen as wanted. 

Ice clarifies to disappointed followers in a follow-up tweet that the excellent screen does not mean the most new. So the Note 10 will excel in traditional metrics such as sharpness, black levels and brightness.

Ice says, the Note 10 will miss out is the genuine superb idea of 2019: a high refresh rate panel same as the 90Hz one seen in the OnePlus 7 Pro. High refresh rate panels bring far better fluidity to the daily animations you see on your phone, such as swiping, zooming and scrolling. And since phone screens are mostly in motion that’s an upgrading which feels a lot more remarkable in hand than a further fractionally brighter display.

Ice believes, this is something will hit Samsung hard:

“The biggest advantage of Samsung of ‘Display’ has been overtaken by the rival. Some years ago, the 90Hz refresh rate screen solution was discussed within Samsung, but it was not implemented. It is not like that Samsung cannot be innovative, but that policymakers not have the courage to innovate and overlook thrilling opportunities all over again.”

So, this is the issue with the Galaxy Note 10 and its new Pro version as a whole: they look awesome but they miss our main innovations. Furthermore, where Samsung has taken risks, they are not the right ones, particularly considering the inflated asking rates. 


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