Sony says its USB hub is the world’s fastest SD card reader

USB hubs are hard to make more exciting as they seem to have reached their potential already. However, Sony has set out to make them more indispensable, if possible, to professional photographers.

The company has recently announced their MRW-W3 hub which has been billed as the world’s fastest UHS-II SD card reader. It is said to support rates of up to 300MB/s. Whether the speeds are reached or not is a question of usage, but it does easily transfer the large stash of photographs from your camera along with 4K videos.

This is a consistent effort, which is able to handle many other laptop needs on the go as well! The hub supports 100W power delivery which can handle monitors and other demanding peripherals. USB – C and USB – A connectors can also be used on it to connect devices which support the formats, and HDMI output for 4K videos with 30 frames per seconds of speed are available. The case is resistant and IP68 dust and water resistance is a given feature. Aluminum wave designs improve grip and reduce scratches.

Sony will be selling the MRW-S3 this fall, along with the new SF-M Tough SD cards which will come in 64, 128 and 256 GB capacities. These can fully take advantage of the hub’s offered speed. The company has not yet put out a price on the gadget but has said that it will not be exorbitant.

If a high end mirrorless camera or a DSLR is what you have already, the USB hub will be a cheaper purchase by comparison, and will bring speed transfers into the equation without much ado.

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