Take a virtual peek at what future Hyperloop stations could look like

It may take a while for a Hyperloop network to come into existence to transfer passengers from one place to another, but a team which is competing at the 2019 SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition is working towards making it a reality, and showing the world what the technology could be capable of. The team hails from Netherland’s Delft University of Technology, and are debuting a panoramic virtual reality experience of the Atlas 02 pod which will be shown at the SpaceX headquarters located in California in the coming week.

The team has made this in collaboration with the CG/interactive technology company INFG and graphic studio by the name AltSpace, not to be confused with AltSpaceVR which was acquired by Microsoft in the last quarter of 2018. This teamwork is to produce a 3D experience one is not likely to forget in the times to come. The finished product is able to show the exterior as well as the interior design of the pod along with the vision which the team has been mulling over for the last few years. This will include a vivid imagery of the Hyperloop station, complete with infographic screens and signage of navigation along the way.

The team from Delft University had won the first place at the SpaceX competition in 2017, when it had begun to include itself in participation. This year marks the third year of their entry into the competition. The challenge before them is to make their pod design achieve the fastest speed among the 20 entries when the SpaceX test is conducted in the fully enclosed 1.25km test track. The actual pods and station will not be using as much amount of wood as is being used in their virtual versions, this can be guaranteed.

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