Tesla drops cheapest Model X, S variants, cuts prices to simplify lineup

Tesla INC. has recently released its standard range variants of the Model X and S from the product line-up which has been adjusted to suit the range. This comes days after the US based electric automobile manufacturer has made record deliveries of their products across the nation. The company has limited the variants of the Model X sports utility vehicle and the Model S sedan to a “Long Range”, and the higher end ‘Performance’. Prices have also been shaven off from its entry level Long Range variations.

The standard range models have now been discontinued which indicates that the starting prices may now go up. The increase has now come to $84,990 for the Model X, and $79,990 for the Model S, which excludes the potential incentives to purchase.

Tesla has also reduced the starting price of the mass market Model 3, which has settled at $38,990.

In a statement, Tesla has noted that they will be standardizing the global vehicle line-up so as to make it easier for customers to purchase vehicles. They will also be streamlining the number of trim packages which are on offer for Model S, X and 3 as well. They have also adjusted their pricing so that an affordability can be maintained for their customers from various walks of life.

Earlier in the month, Tesla had said that the global deliveries of its three models in the second quarter of 2019 have risen by 51% from the last quarter. This has formed a record number of 95,200 vehicles sold. The Model 3 has accounted for 80% of the total sales, which underscores the role of the vehicle as the linchpin in the growth strategy of Tesla Inc.

The car manufacturing giant has said that they expect the delivery and production of this range to continue on the upward curve in the third quarter. In China, which is the largest market for electric cars, Tesla’s changes have increased the starting range of these cars. The price of Model X has increased to 790,900 yuan, which translates to $115,068, and that of Model S to 776,900 yuan.

Tesla is now in the process of building a factory in Shanghai, where initially it had planned to build Model 3 cars. China made versions are now being taken orders of, which are starting at 328,000 yuan.

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