UN warns, one climate crisis disaster happening each week

The UN has warned that climate crisis disasters are happening at the rate of one a week, although most draw little worldwide attention and work is needed to be prepared by the developing countries on the urgent basis for the reflective impacts. 

Catastrophes like cyclones Idai and Kenneth in Mozambique and in India drought afflicting make headlines all across the world. The UN secretary-general’s a special representative, Mami Mizutori on disaster risk reduction said, ‘But high numbers of “lower impact events” that are causing death, suffering and displacement are occurring much sooner than predicted”. “This is not regarding the future, this is about the present.” She also said, ‘People require talking more about resilience and adaptation.’

Estimation put the price of climate-related disasters at $520bn per year, whereas the extra price of building infrastructure that is defiant to the effects of global heating is only around 3%, or over the next 20 years $2.7tn in total. 

According to Mizutori, ‘this is not a lot of money but investors have not been doing sufficient, flexibility needs to become a commodity that the public will pay for.’

Various lower-impact disasters would be preventable is people have before time warnings of harsh weather, better infrastructure like access to water in case of drought and flood defences and governments had more alertness of which areas were most at risk.

Mizutori said that the regulations on building standards should also be updated for the weather disaster as well enforced in a proper manner. One of the governance problems cited by her was that while accountability for the climate disasters and emission of greenhouse gases was generally held in one ministry, like environment or energy department, economics, liability for infrastructure and protection of people was held elsewhere in the administration. She added, ‘We need to take a more holistic outlook of the risks’. 

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