What are the Top SEO Strategies for Small Businesses?

Some small business owners are mistakenly under the impression that SEO is for multi-national companies and corporations, yet nothing could be further from the truth. SEO can be focused on geographical location and while the strategies might be different to a global outreach, they are no less effective.

Here is our list of SEO strategies that are widely used to boost small, local businesses.

  • Search Engine Optimisation – When a user searches with Google for a product or service, the search engine knows their location and would therefore put local results as a priority, while the SEO technician understands Google’s complex algorithms and can affect positive changes for the client’s website within search results. It takes a while to achieve a high ranking and the SEO technician uses numerous strategies to achieve their goal and as the Internet is ever-changing, with content being uploaded and deleted on a daily basis, the SEO work must be ongoing if you are to retain that coveted high ranking that drives customers to your online store.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising – Many small businesses use Google Adwords in Perth and other Australian cities with many suburbs and with an SEO agency handling the campaign, you can expect good results. Localised SEO really focuses on the region that you service and there would be many groups that would be targeted on a range of digital platforms.
  • Social Media Marketing – Perhaps the most powerful of all digital sectors, social media marketing involves focusing on community groups, whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and once a team of specialist take over your social media accounts, they begin to generate a large social media following. Posting quality articles and video related content on a daily basis will attract users and the team reply to comments on your behalf, boosting your reputation.
  • Business Directories – When the homeowner needs a product or service, they often turn to online business directories, and the SEO agency would be able to list your businesses in the top-rated business directories, which will result in a lot of enquiries. The SEO provider will tailor their services to suit the client and if your business is local, they know what to do to reach the community at all levels.

If you would a free online audit from a leading SEO agency, simple Google and that will give you a list of websites and from there, you can discover areas of your business profile that can be improved. Once the SEO company have carried out their audit, they can create a marketing plan that will deliver the goods.

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